Project: Delphi

A Peacemaking Project by Tristan P., Vivek P., Timothy C., Shira S., Aryan P. and Tristan P.

What is the injustice we are solving?

Our group of 4 people is currently brainstorming a project in relation to motile medical information transfer. I see a huge amount of applications for this. Imagine there is a natural disaster, or an large accident on a highway, you could use these usb devices or necklaces or bracelets to get quick reliable information on the person in need. We could expand the uses by having two "partitions" of the device being used. When that is done, the first section could be made that only doctors and emr (electronic medical records) systems could access and edit. The second partition could be used for anything else that you wanted to store. Say you have a child, and you are worried about his or her safety, if they get lost, give them the usb with your phone number and any other necessary information. Last idea :D. In relation to the previous idea, we could also implement a small tracker in the device (just a speculation right now, I have no idea how it would work) that could access a network and transmit a location. I got the tracker idea from my neighbor. His name is john, and he is a retired microwave engineer, and he spent the last 5 years working on a cat tracker for his pet, and he does a lot of other awesome projects on satellite clocks ect. I go and hang out with him all the time, and occasionally go the the electronics shop with him. I was hoping he could be a informal mentor. Thank you, for reading our proposal, :D

Our Compassionate Solution:

To solve this injustice of lack of adequate information to help a patient in situations where the patient is unable to communicate
we will address The communication barrier between first responders and patients unable to communicate
by Creating a device capable of storing the information needed by the first responders.

Our Project Plan:


  • We will create a portable device wearable by potential victims that contains easily accessible, yet secure information to allow EMTs and first responders to better help patients in emergency situations in which they cannot communicate.

We will increase my / our compassion by...

To increase compassion, our team plans to meet back up with the EMTs at the fire station after the first prototype of our design to ask if they think the idea would work, and to get their opinion for future models. We also plan to interview potential customers about how helpful they think it'd be to them, and if they'd use it.

How will you show courage?

We will show courage by talking and reaching out to strangers that could either help make our product, or use our product. Since we don't normally communicate with others, it will take courage and poise for us.

How will you collaborate with others?

Right now, we're trying to see if we can find companies or other organizations to partner with that are doing a similar thing, or can give us (limited) access to a manufacturing facility so we can create our product.

How will you know you are moving in the right direction? (What are specific ways you can measure your impact?)

It's a bit hard to measure the impact of lives saved, but if we get this project off the ground, products distributed would be a great way to measure the impact our project has. Otherwise, how far down on the following list would be a good measure.

Key Steps

  • Prototype product By 5/3
  • Set up website by 5/10
  • Secure website by 5/17
  • Finalize Design by 5/17
  • Market/Distribute Product (Date to be determined, possibly relies on paperwork and other legal nonsense)
  • Patent (Date to be determined)
  • Possible other designs (Date to be determined)

Our Updates:

Project: Delphi

Vivek P.
16 May 2019 17:16

Project: Delphi

Vivek P.
30 May 2019 16:45
YAY prototype 1.2 is DONE


Andrea C. Peace First Staff
14 May 2019 16:52
Hi Tristan, Vivek, Timothy, Shira, and Aryan,

Congratulations! Your mini-grant has been approved! We’re excited to support your project with a grant. Once you add your payment details we will work to get your grant to you over the next two weeks.

Brennan L. Peace First Staff
11 October 2019 21:21
Hi all,

My name is Brennan, and I'm a Fellow-in-Residence here at Peace First. Sounds like you're doing some great work!

How are things going with your project? We'd love to see any updates that you have to share. Please remember to submit your reflection as well when your project goals are complete.

Looking forward to hearing from you!