Promoting Gender Equality in my Community

A Peacemaking Project by Angela N.

What is the injustice we are solving?

The very issue of gender equality become topical as any other issue since the society we belong holds it’s own believe on this. I believe this issue is critical to the entire African continent however, because of my inexperience in other African countries lands I will focus more on the high level of inequality across the length and breadth of the country I belong, Ghana. Gender equality, also known as sexual equality, is the state of equal ease of access to resources and opportunities regardless of gender, including economic participation and decision-making; and the state of valuing different behaviors, aspirations and needs equally, regardless of gender. Gender equality between men and women, entails the concept that all human beings, both men and women, are free to develop their personal abilities and make choices without the limitations set by stereotypes, rigid gender roles and prejudices. Gender equality means that the different behavior, aspirations and needs of women and men are considered, valued and favored equally. It does not mean that women and men have to become the same, but that their rights, responsibilities and opportunities will not depend on whether they are born male or female. Gender equity means fairness of treatment for women and men, according to their respective needs. This may include equal treatment or treatment that is different but which is considered equivalent in terms of rights, benefits, obligations and opportunities. I believe the very core of society which is family has been the orchestrators of this. In the typical home of Ghana, parents think the boy-child is better than the girl-child. Before birth, parents are anxious to have their first born as male child and when it’s come true the child is treated as a king. The girl child is make to do almost all the household chores while the boy is seen by his books. This tends to be serious especially when some demeaning statement are made that the girl is created for the kitchen and the boy for books. The repel effect is that, the girl is denied access to education and her little fate lies in the activities of the kitchen while the boy child is encouraged to push through the ladder of education. Though I have not live long enough to witness the high level of inequality that is gaining grounds in my country, I have come to appreciate the extent to which inequality manifest itself in our society. In various schools which my school Mataheko R/C is not an exception, boys think they are better and believe to be smarter than the feminine child in class. This is equally exhibited outside class rooms when teachers are to pick students randomly for a school program, more emphasis is placed on boys and eventually majority appears to be boys while the girls are silent. This turns to be true at the national level, when women suffer in the hand of men who are supposed to be their husbands who treat their wives with no respect and maltreat them as slaves.

Our Compassionate Solution:

To solve this injustice of Fair treament for women and girls
we will address unhealthful cultural practices and perception, educational and financial barriers
by Creeating awarenees program in our school. Education our peers about gender inequality. We will have a dialogue with our parents on the topic.

Our Project Plan:


  • To reach to 200 girls about inequality

We will increase my / our compassion by...

Raising weekly awareness, posting pictures and videos on facebook, local news papers and school notice boards

How will you show courage?

Stand out for our rights

How will you collaborate with others?

School, women's groups, ministry of women, children and gender protection.

How will you know you are moving in the right direction? (What are specific ways you can measure your impact?)

By the feedback from our target groups and changes of laws that will help and support girls and women in society.

Key Steps

  • Inform school head and administration about our project
  • Inform peers about the project
  • Set a date for creating awareness in the school
  • design plaque cards with educative informations on promoting gender inequatiy in our community
  • Organized a March
  • School to school campaign
  • Talk to parents during PTA meetings


Amani A.
15 August 2018 10:55

Angela - did you have the chance to work a little bit on your Compassionate Insight? Please let me know if you need any help.

We would love to support your project.

Amani A.
1 February 2018 9:51

Angela, welcome to Peace First Community! I so grateful to read your project, gender equality is an issue that exists in every society but at different levels! It's obvious to me that you have a clear understanding of the issue based on your observations from your community. Please tell us about your solution to this injustice and do you have a team to help in implementing the project? Please let us know how can we help.

Amani A.
23 February 2018 13:41

Hi Angela, any updates on your project, please? Gender equality is a very important issue. Do you have a deep understanding of how to solve this issue?

We would encourage everyone who is at this stage of their project to work towards deepening their understanding of the injustice they are focusing on. It would be great to talk to other people in your community and try to understand their perspective or other people who are trying to solve the same justice or/and people who are already working to solve this injustice.
Also, use the problem and solution tree to discover the root causes and consequences of your chosen injustice and it will guide you to more solutions. Here are some resources on how to do that:

Please let us know how can we help.

Amani A.
27 February 2018 14:34

Hi Angela, thanks again for sharing your project! I sent you an email with some feedback :)
I also noticed that you applied for mini-grant, which is really great! However, as a first step, I would encourage you to read about the International Verification Process here: , then fill the following form, please:

Please let us know how can we help. Thanks!

Amani A.
2 March 2018 17:20

I always enjoy going back to your project and read the new information you add, Angela. Again, thanks for sharing your project with us!

As part of the process of completing peacemaking projects, Peace First staff give formal feedback on important steps of the project. One of those steps is the compassionate insight.

My understanding is that you are trying to reach is a fairness treatment for women and girls in your community, but the question is: in which field? The Gender equality is a big concept and issue that involved several factors and actors in any society. I also noticed that you were talking about the unequal access to education for women and girls in your community, right? and you also shared in the solution that you want to create an awareness program in your school. This could be a specific injustice that you could, if you want, to focus on as part of the broader concept of gender equality. I would really encourage you to review again your compassionate insight and be specific about the issue you want to solve.

I have reached out to you through email with some feedback on February 27, have you received my email, please?

I also noticed that you requested a mini-grant, were you able to read the International Verification Process here:, and fill the following form:

Thanks again for sharing your project with Peace First members, and we are looking forward to your next steps of the project!

Please let us know how can we help.

Amani A.
6 March 2018 14:35

Angela, Special HI from your mentor :) How is everything going on? I would like to share with you Nully's project from Tanzania: I think it would be great if you could chat together since you both are tackling the issue of Gender-Violence.

I noticed that you requested mini-grant and I sent you an email on February 27. Please make sure to reply to my email. Thanks!

Please let me know how can we help.

Nully K.
7 March 2018 0:27

Hi Angella, Many greetings from Tanzania ): How is Ghana? congratulation for the wonderful project idea created, since its so relevant to African society and we have similar culture so we face similar problems, with all these hope we will have a lot to share within and without our projects to bring about changes in our communities.

Hope to hear from you soon,

Amani A.
21 March 2018 10:50

Hi Angela, how are you doing? I have reached out to you through email and I look forward to hearing from you.