Put Down the Guns and Pick Up the Peace

A Peacemaking Project by Destiny T.

What is the injustice we are solving?

My project will encourage people to deal with conflict nonviolently And resolving issues before it gets a chance to escalate .


Fish S.
6 March 2018 16:08

Hi Destiny -- this sounds like amazing work. Helping young people de-escalate conflict is an important skill that's prove to decrease violence! And the great thing is that young people are most likely to listen to their peers on issues like this -- so it's great that you're leading out in front.

Do you have ideas for how you want to get started? If you are still thinking about best ways to encourage folks to deal with conflict nonviolently, we have some resources that can help you think about this (peacefirst.org/resources). Or we can chat about ideas here!

The next step will be to submit your Compassionate Insight -- a sentence about the problem & your solution -- on your project dashboard. That gets you one step closer to grant money!

We're really inspired by your work - how can we help?

Lee W.
12 April 2018 15:02

This is an amazing idea! What are you goals to get started in your community?