Race Relationships

A Peacemaking Project by Aryana S.

What is the injustice we are solving?

My project will solve people who are in race relationships and their perspective whom to those who are not and their perspective. Why are those all against them. The majority of those who are in race relationships, the two main top races that are with each other. How the world popularity itself looks at race relationships. Do race relationships have more or less mixed children. Are race relationships going to take over than being within the same race. Are race relationships more beneficial. What is the main reason people are in race relationships. Did their families accept their race relationships. Are those in race relationships more happier.


RaulPF C.
7 December 2017 13:41

Aryana, thanks for sharing your ideas! A really interesting topic. We are looking forward to seeing your project evolve and supporting you. Do you have some initial ideas on what you want to do?

Aryana S.
8 December 2017 12:18

I want to make a power point and a poster to go with my project. If it succeeds I want to be able to talk those in my community and those in my school about my project.

RaulPF C.
8 December 2017 12:49

Great. Do you plan to organize an event with the powerpoint or how are you planning to do the outreach once you have the powerpoint?

Fish S.
8 December 2017 12:53

Hi Aryana -- thanks for posting your project. Am I understanding correctly that this is about helping people understand and be accepting of interracial relationships -- where two people of different races are in love?

If so -- that's a really awesome project, addressing a super important (and often overlooked) injustice! It's a difficult issue, but sounds like something you're really passionate about.

Sounds like you want to start by creating some resources to raise awareness. How can we help?