A Peacemaking Project by Adedayo I.

What is the injustice we are solving?

I want to change the Mindset of young people in my community towards Eradicating Total Financial dependency of friends and family members for survival without exploring their potentials. This, I intend to do by teaching them some businesses that is not too tasking (Ecommerce, Cartoon Aminations, Ebooks Creation and Monetization etc) leveraging on the use of their Smartphones to earn extra income to meet up with some of their Financial Obligations as well as the societal expectations.

Our Compassionate Solution:

To solve this injustice of Financial dependency for survival among Youths in the community
we will address Unemployment via Financial Literacy
by Organizing 21st century ICT Skills for 500-1000 youths within the community

Our Project Plan:


  • To eradicate Financial dependency and Unemployment for survival among Youths in the community.
  • To raise awareness of Financial Literacy.
  • - We will highlight the roles that we wants all our partners to play and the benefits that they will also get from us in return in terms of publicizing their products and services.
  • Refreshments will be made available for all participants during the break session and probably during departure. We will provide a feedback form to ensure adequate follow up of all participants.

We will increase my / our compassion by...

At the moment, we are teaching and learning through WhatsApp Messenger where we meet twice in a week to brainstorm together. We also meet physically at the University of Lagos one in a while in other to create awareness so as to get more people involved with a view of having more ideas from different perspectives. NB: This is not regular but occasional. We ensure that both our online and offline trainings are accessible by making them free of charge for all participants.

How will you show courage?

We show courage by looking at the strength of the problem and using about #100,000 yearly personally to put up a conference to help in eradicating this problem by inviting friends that are doing excellently well in their areas of businesses to come talk to all participants. We also show courage by assigning some of the participants to some of the invited speakers for mentorship.

How will you collaborate with others?

Our team are ready to work together with some of the vibrant Youths in the community to organize events that will promote more of Financial Literacy and Empowerment on ICT Skills to sharpen the creative of the participants. We intend to partner with some tutorial centers, computer centres , vocational centres and secondary schools where we can have these events. This proposed event will be made free for everyone (Teens, Youths and Adults) so that money will not be a barrier to participation. We will ask business owners for sponsorship and partnership for the success of the programme. We already have partnership with Greatlite Integrated Concepts, Highpraise College, Grace Pavilion Events Centre and Foursquare Gospel Church In Nigeria. We believe that via this program and partnership, we can mobilise ourselves and reach out to more people to come join us towards the actualization of our vision and mission statements.

How will you know you are moving in the right direction? (What are specific ways you can measure your impact?)

We will try as much as possible to make our meetings fun, short and loaded by ensuring proper time management and we will be able to measure our impact via evaluating and assessing the students based on feedback from lessons taught and increase on our strengths or weakness and partnership where necessary.

Key Steps

  • We intend to visit minimum of 5 and maximum of 10 communities by teaching of 100 participants from each of the community on: - E-commerce - Digital Marketing - Infopreneurship - Ebooks Creation and Monitization. We will be teaching them first of Ecommerce and Infopreneurship, Ebooks Creation followed by how to promote these businesses via Digital marketing to reach out to a Larger Audience.
  • Refreshments will be made available for all participants during the break session and probably during departure. We will provide a feedback form to ensure adequate follow up of all participants.
  • - We are going to write to some of our partners to inform them of our decision of organizing a Financial Literacy and Empowerment Programme on ICT Skills in their centres with the set dates.
  • - Vidoes and Ebooks will be prepared to cover all the outlines to be taught to participants.
  • - We will run a Facebook and Instagram Ads to Invite others closer to the community to join us.


Hammed A. Peace First Staff
29 October 2019 4:33

Hi Adebayo,

Thank you for submitting your budget.

Please kindly break down your budget into different cost bucket or item. e.g.

Hall rentals - $35
projector rentals for 3 days - $25


Adedayo I.
1 November 2019 2:19

I have broken down the budget and yet to get your feedback  

Hammed A. Peace First Staff
1 November 2019 12:44

Hi Adebayo,

Thank you for submitting your budget request.

We think $100 for hall rentage is on the high side for a 3 hours conference. Please kindly review this and consider other venue. Think about leveraging your network to cut the price or get alternative. I think you can spend more on other aspect of the project implementation and increase the impact.

Please let me know your thoughts.


Adedayo I.
3 November 2019 4:35

Corrections made.
What next?  

Hammed A. Peace First Staff
5 November 2019 9:44

Dear Adebayo,

Thanks for submitting your mini-grant request. There are a few additional steps that we need to do before approving the mini-grant. Submitting the budget is the first step.

Now, it is time to conduct the Mini-Grant Verification and Coaching Process (VCP). We conduct this process to ensure a high level of accountability for Peace First, make sure that money is going to help the implementation of projects run by young people, and provide additional mentoring to projects receiving grants. As part of this process, we will have a video call with you to help us understand your project better and provide additional mentoring.

To start the VCP, You are required to fill out the following form:

Please let me know if you have any questions.