Self-less Selfies

A Peacemaking Project by Jenna R.

What is the injustice we are solving?

To get people encouraged to protect and conserve to make the planet a better, cleaner place to live. When you do something worthwhile like recycle or ride your bike, take a selfie of your good deeds and earn reward points you can use anywhere that is safe and healthy to perpetuate clean, earth-friendly behaviors!


Jenna R.
1 December 2017 16:16
Basically, it is just a new idea I came up with. It has not gained popularity yet because it is not publically known yet. Which is why I found this site and posted my ideas. The idea for this is congruent to that of an idea for Kirkwood Community College in Cedar Rapids, Iowa as part of an honor's project. My idea was to build and implement a reward point system to reward healthy behaviors. I used this reward system based on healthy eating and exercise as an incentive to live healthy lifestyles. These points can be used for Wholefoods giftcards, gym memberships or anything to help perpetuate my movement. While the app I designed, it has been remain unactive. I am in the midst of creating the app, but I need the funds to get it off the ground. My new idea of taking selfies for healthy environmental behaviors has stemmed from my health app, and I would love to see take off as well. "Selfies 4 Selfless behavior" is built on the very same concept as the reward system. Thank you!
RaulPF C.
1 December 2017 9:06
Welcome to the community and great to see your project! Can you tell us more about what you have done so far for this project? We are looking forward to supporting your journey!