Tu Beca Bolivia (Your Scholarship Bolivia)

A Peacemaking Project by Diego R.

What is the injustice we are solving?

There are at least 250 graduate scholarships available for Bolivians to study abroad. Last year, only 110 Bolivians were awarded the opportunity to continue their studies outside Bolivia. It is not that there are not enough smart people, it is the fact that information about these opportunities is not widely available and the process of applying for scholarships is too complex and extensive. We have a team of 45 Bolivian scholars, living in 10 different countries, willing to offer advice and guidance to people who want to follow their steps and study abroad. We believe that having 200 Bolivians going abroad every year will allow them to learn new things and to contribute to the development of my country once they finish their studies and acquire new knowledge. We also offer tutoring sessions to students who are starting undergrad and who live in the countryside so they can start thinking about planning on the long term with the idea of having an experience abroad on the future. Our team is growing and we are all smart Bolivian scholars willing to help other people for free.


Adrian B.
9 May 2018 12:46
Hi Diego,

Thanks for posting this project! I'm wondering how it's connected to this project here: https://www.peacefirst.org/projects/tu-beca-bolivia-4 If this is a duplicate page, is there a way you might be able to combine the two pages? That helps everyone keep track of the work you're doing. Thanks so much!