Uniting Scholars and Police Officers

A Peacemaking Project by Troy L.

What is the injustice we are solving?

My high school basketball team chose to participate in a form of protest against the national anthem during this year's basketball season. As a coach, I required my players to speak about why they were protesting. They talked about social injustices they saw happening around the world and police brutality that they saw hurting communities in the U.S. I want to bring together a team of police officers from our community to team up and participate in a basketball exhibition game against my high school basketball team. Our team will meet with the police officers before the game is played and decide on a charity we would all like to support. We will use the money collected from the gate and concessions to donate to the charity we choose. Coming together on the court will show unity between urban youth and the police department and the donation will show that positives can come out of the bond that is created between two groups that may not have had much unity in the past. Shirts will be made with the grant money that both teams will wear and the shirts will be sold at the game. The shirts will have a message that promotes unity between urban youth and police officers.


Adrian B.
13 February 2018 9:59
Hi Troy--thanks for posting this project! Are there any youth ages 13-24 who are leading the project?