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My advisor has contacted our bracelet provider, Rapid Wristbands, due to the fact that we have yet to receive our ordered bracelets. They have informed us that shipping is backed up, and have assured us that our bracelets will be delivered by May 17th. This delivery date is much later than we anticipated, and my club members are concerned that the student body will have forgotten our events and presentations regarding the issue. Thus, we are currently considering holding another event as a refresher. Any advice and/or suggestions regarding this situation would be greatly appreciated.



Adrian B.

May 03, 2018

Hi Journey! Thanks for this post--I'm sorry to hear that the delivery has been slowed down. When was the event that you had? It may make sense to hold another event, or potentially to have a ramped-up communications campaign leading up to the delivery of the wristbands to build up excitement. Let me know what you think!
Grace C.

May 09, 2018

Hello Journey, (i love your name btw :))

-Let the student body know whats going on so that they can be informed on what the hold up is
-Holding another small event is a great way to stay current and fresh within the minds of the student body. I'm not sure what you all have done in the past as far as events go, but bringing back an old one you haven't done in a while always works too
-If you have a team or passionate youth in the student body, ask them for ideas as well on what could work out

These are just a few suggestions, I hope you succeed! :)