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I had the most amazing experience today because of the generosity of Peace First.  I was able to give away a pediatric wheelchair to a little 7-year-old girl who has cerebral palsy.  She was finding it very hard to walk long distances and was in dire need of a wheelchair.  A customized wheelchair is in the works but it could take 9 months to receive it, and she needed something sooner.  When I walked into the lobby at the doctor's office we greeted her.  It was a surprise so she was quiet and stunned at first.  By the end of the visit, she was giggling and pushing around her "CHAIRbear" which we had given her.  All she wanted to do was to go home and show her family and friends.  She really figured out how to maneuver the wheelchair pretty quickly and the therapist said that is a great exercise for her arms.  All in all this was such an amazing and fulfilling day.  Thank you very much Peace First!



Brennan L.

May 25, 2018

Hi Danielle,

It's great to see that you were able to put the Peace First funding to good use! Thanks for sharing this update and video. I'm curious about whether you decided to use any of the funding for awareness-raising or other projects -- I would love to hear more about what this process was like for you! I appreciate your hard work on this important issue of mobility and access.

We're looking forward to seeing your reflection and feedback -- let me know if you need any help. (:

Danielle R.

May 31, 2018

The funding which was provided was used 100% for the wheelchair. This little girl was in dire need of a wheelchair and it would have taken way to long to get one through her insurance. This family had a rough go of things so it was nice to give them hope! By giving this family the wheelchair it inadvertently created awareness of my organization. She became friends with me on facebook and so much of her community has joined my community to help collect bread tags and spread my message.
Brennan L.

June 03, 2018

Got it, thank you for clarifying. It's great to hear that you are able to spread the word through giving this chair. I'm excited to see how your project grows!
RaulPF C.

May 30, 2018

Thanks for sharing the video. I'm glad you were able to use the mini-grant to support your work!