violence against women Nigeria

A Peacemaking Project by Mohammed B.

What is the injustice we are solving?

in Nigeria. He lives in a violent neighbourhood, where he educates his peers about the need to embrace peace. Promise is a member of the Peace Club, and campaigns against child abuse and violence against women, girls and boys. He brought about the signing of a peace pact between two rival cult groups in his community, reducing violence considerably. He also argued for the need to include women in decision-making processes. His advocacy paid off, and now women are consulted on community issues too.


Amani A. Peace First Staff
23 February 2018 12:15
Hi Mohammed, any updates on your project, please? Violence against women is a very important issue to tackle. Do you have a deep understanding of how to solve this issue?

We would encourage everyone who is at this stage of their project to work towards deepening their understanding of the injustice they are focusing on. It would be great to talk to other people in your community and try to understand their perspective of violence against women or other people who are trying to solve the same justice or/and people who are already working to solve this injustice.
Also, use the problem and solution tree to discover the root causes and consequences of your chosen injustice and it will guide you to more solutions. Here are some resources on how to do that:

Please let us know how can we help.
Amani A. Peace First Staff
17 January 2018 12:48
Hi Mohammed, do you have any updates regarding your project? Please let us know how can help!
Amani A. Peace First Staff
5 January 2018 8:56
Thanks for sharing, Mohammed! Do you have a team to implement the project? Please go to the dashboard and share/update more about the project activities, so you can be able to apply for a mini-grant :)
Mohammed B.
4 January 2018 16:22
I need grant so that I help my young village community in my country Nigeria
Mohammed B.
4 January 2018 16:18
o make the most of the benefits that the project can deliver, however, you also need to check to see if further improvements will deliver still greater benefit.

You also need to ensure that the lessons learned during the project are not forgotten. You can more effectively design and execute future projects when you take advantage of lessons learned through experience of previous projects.
Amani A. Peace First Staff
4 January 2018 8:12
Welcome to Peace First community and thanks for sharing, Mohammed! We are glad that you were able to create your project and we are looking forward to reading the updates. Do you have a team who is helping in the implementation of the project? Please let us know how can we help.