Y Innovations Sustainable Development Project

A Peacemaking Project by Brennan S.

What is the injustice we are solving?

This project addresses both the need for more affordable housing and also the need for more sustainable, environmentally-friendly housing. In Wilmington, the average monthly rent/mortgage is over $1200, while the median per capita income is just over $2000 a month. While organization like Habitat for Humanity and Family Promise are dedicated to providing low-income housing, monthly payments still average $800-900 for those subsidized homes. Wilmington alone has over 1000 homeless citizens and many more that I have personally met that are months behind on $900 a month rental payments. Additionally, only 46% of citizens are homeowners in Wilmington, which creates instability on both an individual and city level. Simply put, there is a need for homeownership opportunities in the $200-300 a month range in Wilmington. We are targeting families at or below 80% of the Area Median Income, particularly families that have gone through Family Promise’s rehabilitation program and lack access to other housing opportunities. Additionally, construction contributes 5% of the annual global CO2 emissions and the average size of homes in the United States has increased by over 1000 square feet in the past 40 years. We need homes that lower the environmental impact of construction. These problems apply to many cities worldwide, but they are particularly evident in Wilmington. Visit www.yinnovations.org for more info.


Fish S.
13 December 2017 9:03

Hi Brennan, this project sounds awesome. Had a chance to look at the website -- it's great work that you're doing to address the injustices of housing insecurity and environmental degradation. Looks like you have a great team of young people, too.

How can we help support your work?

Adrian B.
29 March 2018 20:15

Hi Brennan,

Just checking in about your project and the next steps. I wanted to make sure you are aware of the upcoming Mini-Grant Deadline - there is still time to remain eligible to attend a Peace First Challenge Accelerator if you complete your Compassionate Insight, Project Plan, and Mini-Grant application by March 31st.

We're excited about your work, and would love to be able to support it with a mini-grant of up to $250.

These tools can help you craft your insight, plan, and budget for your mini-grant:

Through your dashboard you can submit your "compassionate insight," record your plan in "Make a plan" and then "Apply for a mini-grant" for the materials you need.

Let me know how I can help!