Youth Peace Dialogue

A Peacemaking Project by Lovety Z.

What is the injustice we are solving?

Objective(s) • To help sustain the hard-earned peace of Liberia • To inform youths about the importance of peace • To create a nonviolence environment for youths at all time • To strengthen unity among youths • To remind youths of their responsibility to cherish and protect the peace after a bitter experience. Overview / Background Due to the violent habits that youths in my community and country at large are usually involved with, the Youth Peace Dialogue deem it necessary to quickly embark on a One (1) day Peace Awareness in the in Mount Barclay and other communities to educate young people on the importance of peace in Liberia. Young people make the majority of Liberia’s population with 65 percent, but few greedy politicians and state actors for their selfish gains always used young people as instrument of violence. Youth engagement into violence is one major factor that concluded a bloody civil unrest, which caused the death of over 250,000 people and leaving many people homeless. On the other hand, as UNMIL draw down, and with the current new leadership in our country, many Liberians and partners are strategizing how Liberia can continue to maintain its peace. The Youth Peace Dialogue sees Liberia’s peace and development as vital for its citizens and partners and at such; we should not sit and watch it being damage. The need to consistently ring the bell of peace and unity amid our political affiliation should be a growing concern in Liberia. Being a Change Maker in my country, I have always been a long standing and committed partner to national and international bodies toward the implementation of programs that aims to promote harmony, Justice, Health and others activities that foster peace national Development. I consider violence to be no one friend, and the avoidance of things that create violence should be urgently addressed. I am confident that my proposal will ultimately serve as a platform for unifying and create a sense of responsibilities among young people in Liberians. Who will benefit/participate This project traditionally has aspired to reach a broad range of young people in Mount Barclay and other parts of Liberia regardless of ethnicity, religion, education, living status, etc. How will the success of the activities be assess? The success of the proposed activities will access based on the below: ● # of flyers distributed ● # of young people talked to Implementation Strategies This project implementation will be done in two segments (Radio Engagement and community dialogue). I will recruit volunteer that would use the radio stations to spread the message of peace across Liberia. The community dialogue will be held in Mount Barclay which will bring youths group to a big hall for discussion on how youth can avoid violence, avoid being used by evil people and how youth can serve as Peace Ambassadors in their various community. During this activity, the recruited volunteers will distribute of peace flyers as young people exchange ideas and interactions.


RaulPF C.
6 March 2018 10:51

Dear Lovety,
Thanks so much for posting this project.
We would love to understand a bit more how your project is using a peacemaking approach to solve the injustice that you have identified. We invite you to have a look at our tools to start a process with your team to start refining the injustice you want to work on, digging deeper into the root cause and identifying the solution you want to start with. You can download our toolkit and maybe post some of the results so that we can provide you with some feedback as you move from an idea to a real project.
You can download our toolkit at:
We look forward to learning more about what you are trying to do so that we can support your work.