Donate a Duck

What is the injustice we are solving?
There are many refugee children in the Netherlands who have a language deficiency. We think it's important for them to properly learn the Dutch language. Refugee families don't have any savings and they start their future in their new country in poverty. So these families don't have the means to buy books for their children. Why do they need books? Books are an efficient way to learn a language. By reading fifteen minutes a day you'll read approximately 1.2 million words a year. So our idea is to donate comics to young refugee children. We'd like to set up a campaign to collect comics like Donald Duck.
Our Compassionate Solution
To solve this injustice of
language barrier of refugees
we will address
refugees who have a hard time learning the dutch language which creates a barrier in integrating
collecting donald ducks and other comics to give to the refugee children, these comics might help them learning the dutch language
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