Central High School Walkout

What is the injustice we are solving?
The students at my school are tired of being afraid to come to school. The students at my school have come together to put together a walkout to start a conversation in our community about gun control. The plan for our school is on March 14, the students will be walking out at 10 am, for 17 minutes, to protest every life lost in the Parkland, Florida shooting. Then, at 3:20 pm, after school ends, the students and the teachers, and students from other schools, are marching to our city hall, to get people aware of the need for gun control in America. Our students don't want to halt the conversation, we don't want people to feel closed off, and attacked for their views. What we want is for the community to start talking about we can do to push for more gun control, so that we can protect our students, our teachers, our community.
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