2nd Grade Peace Challenge

What is the injustice we are solving?
Students are learning about what it means to be a good citizen.
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Fish S.

November 27, 2017

Hi Makala! Super cool that you are teaching your second graders about how to be good citizens. Since you are under 25, we can support your project with mentors, tools, and funding.

I'd love to learn a little more about what the injustice is that you're trying to solve. If kids don't learn how to be good citizens -- what happens, and who does it harm?

We'd love to help you figure out how to implement this project. We have some resources that might be useful to you. Peace First used to work in schools, teaching social-emotional learning and civic engagement to students K-8. We have some lessons you can use with your second graders; check them out here:
RaulPF C.

November 22, 2017

Welcome to the community Makala. What are your plans at the moment to turn your idea into a project?