Down with the Dursleys

What is the injustice we are solving?
Various students within my school and neighborhood communities suffer from a form of *psychological abuse or **emotional neglect. Down with the Dursleys strives to address the issues of psychological abuse and emotional neglect, as well as the issue of the abused remaining silent.

*Psychological abuse (also referred to as psychological violence, emotional abuse, or mental abuse) is a form of abuse, characterized by a person subjecting, or exposing, another person to behavior that may result in psychological trauma, including anxiety, chronic depression, or post-traumatic stress disorder.
**Emotional neglect is the failure to provide adequate nurturing and affection to a child or the refusal or delay in ensuring that a child receives needed treatment for emotional or behavioral problems. Emotional neglect may also involve exposure to chronic or extreme domestic violence.
Our Compassionate Solution
To solve this injustice of
Physiological/Emotional Abuse and Neglect
we will address
the signs and symptoms of those facing abuse/neglect, as well as what students within our community can do to support victims
educating the student body on the issue through a school-wide assembly; discussing in small, student and counselor-led workshops, strategies for helping victims in a safe and healthy way; and creating a safe, open, and encouraging environment through the
Our Plan
Our Project Goals
1: To make the student body and staff aware of our issue.
2: To create an environment within our school and community in which victims of our issue feel safe enough to speak up and seek help.
3: To search for and discuss the root cause(s) of our issue in order to further combat it.
We will increase my / our compassion by...
ensuring that all perspectives--current victims, survivors, abusers, expressers of apathy/sympathy/empathy--within our community are heard. ((In terms of our bracelets: Students wearing their wristbands with the green side on display are members of Dumbledore's Army--they are allies to those suffering from psychological abuse and/or emotional neglect. Encouraging students within our community to ally with victims will increase the level of compassion within our school community.))
How will you show courage?
We will show courage by standing up for and supporting students that need assistance/support, despite the resulting consequences, challenges, and/or opposition. ((In terms of our bracelets: Students wearing their wristbands with the white side on display are Dursley survivors--they are suffering from, or are survivors of, psychological abuse and/or emotional neglect. Our encouragement of victims speaking up and seeking support, as well as seeking solidarity among other victims, survivors, and allies aims to inspire courage within the student body.))
How will you collaborate with others?
We will receive assistance from Wildcat Wellness; we will efficiently execute this project with the respectful guidance of our school counselors and administrators.
How will you know you are moving in the right direction?
No matter how minuscule, as long as our counselors can report an increase in the comfort of current victims, and/or an increase in students willing to support others, we will be moving in the right direction.
Create a list of key steps you will take
1: Hold our first assembly regarding Emotional Abuse/Neglect within (if possible) the third week of February.
2: The week following the assembly, hold various, optional teacher-led group sessions regarding thoughts on the assembly and its relation to our school community.
3: The week following the sessions (on Monday), Wildcats with Wands is to reconvene and discuss the student body's reactions and feelings regarding the assembly and sessions, as well as the best way to address these feelings.
4: After this "week of silence", we will begin our Awareness Week, in which flyers, posters, and thought-provoking school announcements are utilized. (Another assembly, if possible, is to held within the Wednesday of this week, related to the literature c
5: Fundraising begins in order to procure supplies, including bracelets, and additional posters.
6: "Wrap Week"occurs, similar to the Awareness Week; more of a celebration of hope than an educational endeavor; bracelets are to be distributed.
7: Wildcats with Wands reconvenes to discuss progress, what was helpful vs. unhelpful, and our steps moving forward.
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