Beyond The Lines

What is the injustice we are solving?
Beyond the lines is an online insurgency in form of a blog to counter the narratives of violent extremists. The main aim is to provide a platform for sharing alternative and counter narratives of violent extremism and terrorism. The platform will inspire people to think, speak and act beyond the lines of violent extremists’ narratives through educating people on the consequences of radicalization
and violent extremism.

It is about empowering the minds of young people and freeing them from the ideologies of violent extremists. Radicalization on social media has been on the increase thus the need to create an online platform ( Beyond the lines) to discredit extreme narratives
Amani A.

March 06, 2018

Welcome to Peace First Community, Wevyn! Thanks for sharing your project with us. What is the name of the Human Rights Organization that you work at, please?

Countering Violent Extremism is a big issue to tackle! The "Beyond The Lines" Platform is something that you are running since before or what? Please share with me the link to your blog; I am interested to read how do you counter the narratives of violent extremists.

I would encourage you to write your compassionate insight and try to make it as clear as you can, so other Peace First members would understand it better!

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Thanks again for sharing your project with Peace First members, and we look forward to your next steps of the project!

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