A Book for a Book: Giving Filipino Students a Fighting Chance, One Page at a Time

What is the injustice we are solving?
I decided that I wanted to help kids in the Philippines get the education they need. It occurred to me that we are very lucky, here in America, to get a good education. We often take it for granted. Many Filipinos don’t get that opportunity.

I decided that I wanted to help them have a successful school career by purchasing their textbooks and supplies. Many of them simply decide that they cannot go to school, because they cannot pay for school items.

My church goes to the Philippines every other year on a missions trip the week before the Filipino children go back to school. Orphans live in the church where they volunteer. They rely solely on the church leaders for their needs. It would be a huge blessing to everyone to have the children’s school supplies donated. They have had limited opportunity for education, going only a few years each due to lack of supplies. If they don’t have the materials, then they simply cannot go to school. As we have gotten to know them, we can see their potential, a potential reachable through schooling.

So I am holding a Read-a-thon. Friends and family will pledge a set amount of money for each book I can read by a set date. The money I raise will then be put towards school supplies for our friends living in the church. When our missions team travels to the Philippines this June, the money will go with them. Then materials will be purchased for and presented to the kids.

This project would address the global issues of poverty and illiteracy in third world countries. It would be a dream come true for these kids and would give these children a chance to learn new things, as I get the privilege to do every day.

Thank you!
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Amani A.

February 02, 2018

Welcome to Peace First, Abby! Thanks for sharing with us the issue that you care about. Why providing the Filipinos children with school supplies is important to your community? What is the injustice about? Please let us know how can we help.