The Buddy Project

What is the injustice we are solving?
The Life Skills (students with intellectual disabilities) students at my school are often mistreated and not understood. To fix this, I want to create a monthly event where students can sign up to be paired up with Life Skills peers to do a craft and get to know each other and increase understanding about the fact that Life Skills students and their peers are really no different.
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Fish S.

January 16, 2018

Kaitlyn, this is an awesome project. I love the compassion you display for students who are often mistreated and misunderstood. We believe in what you're doing and want to support you all the way!

To start, we can help you plan what's needed for your monthly events. You can check out some tools to help you at in the "plan" section. Have you spoken with teachers about your idea? Do you have friends involved? They may be able to help.

Then, once you have your plan, we can give you a mini-grant to get this project off the ground! :)

Sound good?