Catching Joy, Inc. Celebrating and Sharing the Joy of Reading

What is the injustice we are solving?
Our project this year is addressing literacy and book ownership in households where reading is not a priority and underprivileged schools and communities
Our Compassionate Solution
To solve this injustice of
civic engagement/ economic and education inequality
we will address
literacy and book ownership in households where reading is not a priority and bookownership in underpriviledged communities
collecting books and making bookmarks for kids in need; raising awareness and support by organizing fun event celebrating and sharing the joy of reading, and leading open discussions about issues and what we can do to help others
Kelsey T.

March 09, 2018

Hi Max! So excited about this year's Challenge project! I'm here to provide some feedback on your Compassionate Insight. As you'll remember, we provide insight feedback to help teams further strengthen their ideas to come up with the best possible solution, and we hope you'll consider this feedback as you work to create your Project Plan. (The Plan and mini-grant application are due March 31st!)

I think your insight is strong overall and and I love your plan to use your beautiful and joyful way of running events and projects to grow a love for reading while providing access to books themselves! I think it is great that you've identified the link between economic and educational inequality and illiteracy, but I wonder if you should actually move around the first two parts of your compassionate insight. For example, do you mean to say that illiteracy and lack of book ownership is caused by the root cause of economic and educational inequality?

Another way I think you could improve your insight is to reframe your language around "households where reading is not a priority." Why is it that there are some households where people don't read as much as others? I think the root causes of that are also about economic and educational inequality, right? It may not be that reading is not a priority, but it may be that people do not have the time to read because they are focused on putting food on the table, or that they were also raised in homes without access to the resources they needed.

I'm guessing you've thought about a lot of this before -- but I think changing some of the language in the insight would help folks to understand what you mean.

I also love that you talked about raising awareness as part of this -- I think that is important for addressing the larger root causes of inequality in our education and economic system, too!

So excited for your project Max and I think it is going to be fantastic! Let us know how we can help.