Improving Girls’ livelihood and Empowering them through Education

What is the injustice we are solving?
Well I am thinking of changing such attitude of many national development frameworks which have failed to recognize the value of girls having educated and had never been into peaceful livelihood ever. This change may improve their livelihood and stand on their own against discrimination this girl’s face in their lives. The individual change would make the Families, Policy Makers appreciate them as valuable resources for their country’s development in which in many communities its an advantage that; many girls are taken out of school, married at an early age, or have their first sexual encounter, often coerced or tricked as well as being mislead to the later or future life and have no peace in their lives.
The main objectives/goals
1. Improved effectiveness and recognition Girls Education and value.
2. Greater visibility and effectiveness of Policy maker’s efforts on Girls Education
3. Increased capacity and effectiveness of Civil Society in Girls Education as well as accountability and service delivery, and advocate for the best of Girls Education.
4. Increased Community access to more diverse sources and types of information for Girls Education.
The Audiences
The Project would be to reach about and or more than 20000 Girls in 5 Secondary Schools; through the following:-
(1) Girls’ participation through their Peers; leaders identified.
(2) Establishing if not available; Girls only Clubs and leadership training; with education services, and life skills
(3) Empowering Girls to think on their own toward marriage because of their economic status and ability to make their own decisions.
The detailed strategy
This Study is required at this time and in this location; as being useful as it had been identified by the MDGs Goals of Reaching the (Marginalized and Disadvantaged Girls) as well as to achieve the MDGs (Millennium Development Goals at this level of priority given to marginalized groups in the UN Framework of plans, and also now going to the SDG’s* through to action2015 and the extent of opportunities in which specific strategies are foreseen for these groups, such as in the EFA Goals. The purpose of this contribution is therefore to identify policy trends and concerns as reflected in education plans, not to assess their implementation. There are chronic socio-economic problems, particularly food insecurity owing to annual cycles of drought and flooding; thus, young girls and women migrate regularly to other areas in search of better livelihood opportunities (However, I presume that; the Community should adopt to this:- “A WOMAN is a SISTER to a man, a DAUGHTER to a man, a FRIEND, a WIFE, and every man has a MOTHER.” ) SDG’s* Sustainable Development Goals

The organization and its members are working toward supporting the audience of the Barabaig Pastoralist and Hunter Gatherers communities in Tanzania for more than two decades, these are the pastoralists and Hunter Gatherers who are at a crisis point in their history. They are experiencing pressures from outside forces which are causing them to become poorer and poorer. They are in competition with wildlife, large-scale farmers and business people for their land. People’s traditional way of life is being forced to change by these outside forces. Their Health Status is also at stake and that’s why we are trying to make sure of being aware of such diseases.TB and HIV/AIDS and Malaria at large. (Therefore Elimination of TB and AIDS and hence “Creating a Generation Free of TB and HIV/AIDS”) these are among the issues to be addressed; Raising Community awareness over the Health and Educational Rights through training on the Tanzania Health Policy and support and opportunities as found within the Country and outside the country.

Amani A.

December 28, 2017

Nicodemus, these are very interesting and precise objectives! What are the locations of the 5 Secondary Schools; in one region or several regions in Tanzania?
Fish S.

December 11, 2017

Hi Nicodemus - what a powerful problem you identified. I love the alignment with the UN SDGs and the recognition that peer-to-peer outreach would be most successful.

Are young people leading this project? If so, we can provide mentoring and grants to them. If not, we'd be happy to help you think about how you can involve young girls in leading this work.
RaulPF C.

December 11, 2017

Thanks for posting your project! Can you tell us the roles that young people are playing in this project?