Mobile Cardiologist

What is the injustice we are solving?
The problems that motivated us towards innovating Mobile Cardiologist are as follows. According to World Heart Organization (WHO) worldwide 17.7 million people die annually from Cardio-vascular diseases, 80% from sub-Saharan Africa and this is expected to rise to 23.6 million by 2030.
Furthermore, personal involvement, considering heart failures occurrence in families, has brought us towards this significant challenge.
According to the Uganda Heart Institute (UHI), 40% of the Ugandans, including many children where by 1 of every 4 children is born with a heart defect.
Many have faced issues caused by Cardio-vascular diseases such as heart failure or acute cardiac arrest, high blood pressure and Rheumatic heart fever etc.

Our research shows the four main reasons causing a huge death toll annually. 1) In case of heart failure, first aiders must act through BLS (basic life support) procedures within 6 minutes before the situation becomes irreversible. Often the ambulances take more than 10 minutes to reach the patients in developed countries due to traffic and distance reasons and more than 30 minutes in less developed countries due to the lack of proper infrastructures in rural areas also in mountains isolated city of 1° world countries. 2) Hospitals are out of reach and 80% of all heart failures happen far from hospitals. Since many Ugandans are in rural areas and undeveloped provinces, many do not survive when they receive the cardiac arrest because the hospitals could be150 Km far. This has also lead to the rise in premature burials since many aren’t taken to hospitals for death reports.
Considering the first two points we can understand why the survival percentage in developed countries is 2% and in third world country the survival percentage is less than 1%.
3) Everywhere often continuous monitoring is not performed. Prevention does not exist properly and that is why we cannot detect typical anomalies of the heart electro activities before it is too late for a diagnosis or a heart attack. In fact 91% never had Electro cardio-graph recording before and many people aren’t concerned about having regular health/medical checkups after long working days and some face unavailability of these services in their localities.
According to World Health Organization (WHO) if medicals checkups are made on time and monitored, one’s life can be saved and there is a good chance of recovering from these diseases. 4) Currently there are existing heart monitoring devices usable after a medical surgery like Implantable Cardioverter defibrillator (ICD) and pacemaker. Their disadvantageous costs of 30000$ and 19000$ respectivily makes them not affordable for middle and low income people unless if one has private or public insurance. This has lead to the increase in number of unserved cardiovascular affected patients.
- In conclusion there is a worrying problem in common worldwide: with the development of the digital technologies Patients progressively get further from Doctors taking the Web diagnosis as professionals ones.
Our Compassionate Solution
To solve this injustice of
Cardiovascular diseases in second and third world countries
we will address
out of reach hospitals and lack of medical services
creating digital online platform to monitor heart patients and providing cheap defibrillators and ECG monitors in a portable size
Our Plan
Our Project Goals
Improve the portability of the defibrillator + ECG sized 10 x 15 x 2.5, near a phone size
Connect patients and doctors with our mobile APP which shares ECG waves
Develop a software who improves the rescue system in case of heart failure
Develop the website platform who guide people on finding the nearest BLS course
Reach rural population
We will increase my / our compassion by...
Here comes the need of Mobile Cardiologist, a cardiovascular monitoring system mainly focused on the electro activities of the heart and a defibrillator. It is composed of a device and an operating application which can be installed on a Smartphone or a Website platform. We offer the hardware and Software solution, which together give a complete care on many aspects. We mean cost-effectiveness, sustainability and accessibility.
- Hardware solution:
Mobile Cardiologist provides two important functions in a portable size single device. These features make this device unique and competitive in the market.
Its size of 16 x 10 x 2.5 cm extremely increases the portability, similar to that of Smartphone. Is it simple and easy to use for everyone? Yes, surely Mobile Cardiologist is designed to be extremely intuitive and simple for its usages. For the electrocardiogram the person knowledge is based only on the disposition of electrodes and the device will elaborate and store automatically the ECG waves using Bluetooth connection through our mobile application. While the usage of defibrillator is the same of the traditional one, the rescuer must connect the two Defibrillator pads and place them on specifics but simple locations. We have thought also about a basic training and education on these simple lifesaver procedures, in fact we offer full instructions package and tutorials about CPR and our product, on the app and website.
- Software Solution:
The software side of this device mainly works on prevention and the fast rescue system. The patients have both Smartphone application and website access as User interfaces.
The app works as a virtual advisor monitoring the User “lifestyle activities” that can be consulted and shared with the personal doctor for an evaluation. The app is capable to elaborate the ECG data received and make it sharable to the doctor, who automatically can monitor the patient trend daily, weekly and monthly without traveling long distances and in turn prescribe medicines online. We provided patients with an App section where they can plan medicines assumptions time, with a reminder function (digital nursing).
Mobile Cardiologist has removed the distance between population and healthcare reorganizing and improving the whole system. In fact, the patient can send speedily emails and messages to the doctor. Furthermore, we built a Community Platform where Users can consult specialized volunteer on doubts and advices on health problems, in case of doctor unavailability and people can consult the Website for self-diagnosis and first aid medicine (pain killers).
Beyond these important functions the app offers the possibility of following personal diets uploaded and reaching physical activities goals established by the doctor.
-What about the rescue system?
Once a heart failure happens our defibrillator will be the one that will guarantee a fast rescue within 6 minutes. When the first aider calls the emergency, the location coordinates will be sent to the nearest BLS rescuer who can consult the static AED’s and Mobile Cardiologist defibrillators mapping, integrated in our App, in his area. In turn our Users, if they have allowed the sharing of their device, receive notifications for the emergency request. Now this system is developed for a fast and accurate rescue in big cities and in rural areas, where we can’t wait for the ambulances. In the second case, considering the small extension of the rural city, we aim to locate a sharable defibrillator in a point of reference for inhabitants in case of need. That is why we found important an extension of BLS procedure (Basic Life Support) knowledge to have more rescuers when required. Together should collaborate to make the world a safer place and in the Mobile Cardiologist App the users can find and select the nearest BLS course in their city, having many advantages considering them as our Customer.

How will you show courage?
We developed Mobile Cardiologist using and considering reliable information and statistics obtained, from the main Italian HealthCare company of USL Toscana and from Uganda Heart institute representing Uganda, which consulted our project personally deciding to help with acknowledgement in our field. We have interviewed health professionals, especially Cardiologists, BLS rescuers and heads of the department of the paramedics.
In addition, we performed interviews to tourists in the city of Florence, in order to obtain information about international HealthCare systems and BLS knowledge of 8 different countries. At the end 8 out 10 people would buy our product for their relatives facing Cardio-vascular diseases and thought that it would is useful to prevent previous cases of heart failures.
Many worldwide statistics are provided by World Health Organization (WHO).
Finally, Vital Team found important for a future and accurate development a meeting with local humanitarian organizations which have shared their personal experiences in third world countries focusing on Healthcare status and current medical equipments. This has helped us on fix our feasibility and focus on our target market in those areas.
According to their sources there is at least one place with Wi-Fi connection in many rural villages. Finally, we consulted a psychologist from whom we got information about people habit of self-diagnosis towards the web, leading us developing the community platform.
How will you collaborate with others?
We have a collaboration with Uganda heart institute and USL toscany in order to get reliable information and make collaboration with internal cardiologists, who give us their patients
How will you know you are moving in the right direction?
USL toscany gave us the authorization of using their company logo, they believe in us and demonstrated in some conferences that our project will work
Create a list of key steps you will take
Complete the website by May
Publishing Mobile Cardiologist APP
Get subscriptions in our database
Make some patients use our device in order to connect with their doctor
Organise with local humanitarian agencies BLS courses in Kampala city
Spend on research in order to reduce device test and improve app
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March 20, 2018

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Should we both fill in the international verification form or its okay for one team member to fill it.
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March 03, 2018

Good morning,
The reply to your question is "No". I am not getting fund from somebody and even I did not get funding in the past. Actually, the estimated price in order to reach everybody is cheap, that means that I have funded my project my own getting the right materials in order to develop. All activities of reasearch and collaborations with others are only in terms of improving project reliability and develop the platform getting advices from Professionals in healthcare field.
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Good Morning, it is a device with an app support, I am going to update the project information as soon as possible!
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