Raising Awareness for Tougher Gun Control Laws

What is the injustice we are solving?
It will bring awareness that students should not feel safe in any school if tougher gun control laws are not passed. As students, we deserve to receive an education without fear. It is not appropriate for innocent people to be dying at school. The solution is not "arm our teachers," but rather using our First Amendment rights to achieve what we believe is best for us.
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Fish S.

March 01, 2018

Hi Emily-- thanks for having the courage to start this project. You're right -- everyone deserves to feel safe in school. And you're right -- young people deserve to be heard, and should use their first amendment rights to fight for their safety.

Sounds like you're frustrated and ready to fight back. We're right here with you. Three things to think about that might help you figure out what to do next:
(1) following what other young people are doing around the country,
(2) talking to the people you disagree with - and seeing if any interesting ideas come out of those conversations (ways you can change their behavior, and
(3) talking to friends and classmates who have the same concerns you do, and seeing what they want to work on.

The next step is to share your Compassionate Insight -- your thoughts on the injustice and your big idea for making change -- with us by Feb 28th. You can do that on your project dashboard. From what you've shared with us, sounds like you're almost there.

We've got your back on this -- we're ready to help you raise awareness and advocate for change. How can we help?