How can I let more people know what we are doing?

We deliver survival bundles to the homeless. We want to let others join in our efforts. What is the best way to let the world know so they can help and we can raise funds to buy food and survival supplies?
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Submitted by Fish S. on Tue, 01/30/2018 - 15:36


Hey Michaela! Sounds like you are doing really uplifting work and I'm sure many people will be excited to support it.

The answer your question depends on who you want people to reach and what you'd like them to do. Are you just trying to reach out to people in your town? Or are you trying to start similar projects in other places?

Either way, here are my thoughts!

-The best way to start is by reaching out to people you already know -- friends, family, classmates, and community members -- who will want to help not just because they care about the cause but because they care about you! If you are looking to spread the word beyond the community of people you know, one of the most effective things you can do is ask people to share with THEIR friends and family. People are much more likely to take action if asked by someone they know than, say, reading something in the paper!

-Let people know what specific thing you'd like them to do! If you'd like them to volunteer, let them know where and when. If you'd like them to donate, let them know how much and what for. People are more likely to step up if you ask them to help with a specific task!

-If you'd like people to share your call-to-actions on social media or over email, using images can help! People will be more likely to engage.

Does this help?