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<em>"To Solve the Injustice of the suppression of women's voices and experiences on higher education campuses,, we will address these women's respective injustices, experiences, and hopes, by hosting a production that features their stories, amplifies the voice of these women on campus, and makes fellow students engage in difficult and important dialogue that acknowledges and addresses the relevant issues for women on campuses across the country."</em>


daltonpf (not verified)

December 31, 1969

Hello, team!

I love what you all are looking to do! I think it really captures our idea of peacemaking: I see courage, compassion, and collaboration throughout this insight.

What I will like to hear more on as you move this forward is what your engagement with the student body may look like. How are you going to hold these conversations? And how will you define success here? Will you have measurable goals? What can happen after this event to continue this work/these conversations?

I'd also be remiss without at least mentioning this (even though I have no doubt you're not considering this already) - be sure to include a diverse set of voices! Include women of color, LGBTQ women, and maybe even staff (professors, administrators, etc.). The more voices and stories you have, I think the more interesting the conversations you'll have.

Really excited to see where you take this!