Why are big NGOs and Foundation don't support youth foundation or Organisation

After the first phase of the school feeding and sex education project in the koidu school for the blind in Kono district in the eastern part of Sierra Leone which Little Light Foundation the foundation that i belong to receive funding to implement the project .We had a talk with some of the student of the school we felt the pains of our fellow young people who are with disability the kind of neglecting been faced by them . They was particular girl whose feet were swollen when i asked her she told me that they have been to hospital but her feet remains the same and her even told me people say it's related with witch craft ,one of the most devastating dishearten is a story of girl who is around the age of 13/15 she became blind three months before the final phase of the project and she was taken to the blind school but receive no medical care to know what lead to her blindness this are the issues been face by young people ,children in the provincial areas .
With all these things we saw been faced by this children and young people we want to make a change but we can't do it alone so we sent out emails showing the constrains been face by them but to no avail we were unable to receive aid to extend our project and do more ,it's heart broken when we see these things happening but can't do anything to help the situation ,i sent out series of emails to foundations and organization world wide but we just receive we can't offer helping hand ,we young people trying to contribute to societal growth and the world why can't be given help when we want aid our fellow young ones who have neglected by government and society .
We are the leaders of today we will change our societies,our communities,our countries and the entire world with the help of all those who believed in the dreams and courage of young people.