Reflect on your Journey

"It is really, really hard to be a peacemaker because people have their perceptions that it is fluffy and cute but it is hard. Dr. King says never try to win over your opponent but win them over to your side. It is very difficult to be a peacemaker."
– Mary-Pat

As you reach your first big goal (or realize that a new goal is needed based on what you have learned), it is the perfect moment to pause. Celebrate what happened, share what you have learned and imagine what could happen next. While reflecting may not feel like “real” work, it is as essential as any other part of your peacemaking project because it is through reflection that we deepen our own learning and express gratitude to those who have joined us on the journey.

These are some of the tools we have developed and tested to help you navigate through this stage:

R1 - Individual Reflection: How has your journey changed you and your views on the identified injustice?

R2 - Team Reflection: What differences have you made as a team?

R3 - Celebration and Thanks: Celebrate your accomplishments and thank your participants!

R4 - Telling your Story: How can you share your story to inspire future peacemakers?

R5 - Final Reflection: Reflect on how your community or school have changed as a result of your work.

Deep dive resources

These resources will help you dive deeper into this stage of your journey: