$1 billion awarded to victim of rape

$1 Billion settlement for rape victim

PHOTO CREDITS: L. Chris Stewart Esq. via Twitter


Last week, a jury in Georgia awarded a young black woman $1 billion dollars in damages for being raped by an armed security guard when she was just 14. The woman is now 20 years old and the convicted rapist is currently serving a 20-year sentence, which he began in 2016.



The civil lawsuit was against the company that employed the security guard who raped this young girl. While it is unlikely she will receive the full amount of $1 billion dollars (the company doesn’t have that amount) this is a huge victory for victims of sexual assault. It helps prove the value of the lives of both women and African-Americans. It also sends a clear message to perpetrators of sexual assault that their time is up.


“Twelve strangers feel like what I went through and my story and how I feel — after six years — is worth a billion dollars. That is life-changing, history-making, just beautiful news to know.” ~ Hope Cheston via NPR news

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