25% of all species on earth facing extinction

Dead whale

Moe Flannery of the California Academy of Sciences inspected a dead gray whale in Tiburon, Calif., last month, one of seven whales that have washed up on the shores of the San Francisco Bay and along the coast in recent weeks.
PHOTO CREDIT: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images via Washington Post


Earlier this week, the UN released a special report announcing the devastating conclusion that a quarter of all Earth's plant and animal species are facing extinction. The report also says that some species could even disappear within mere decades.


The global decline of the environment is a direct result of human caused climate change. Global warming has been worsening the effects of overfishing, widespread pesticide use, pollution, and the vast expansion of urban areas into the natural world.


“The most important thing isn’t necessarily that we’re losing . . . 1 million species — although that’s important, don’t misunderstand me. The bigger issue is the way it will affect human well-being, as we’ve said many times — food, water, energy, human health.” ~ Robert Watson, Panel Chairman for the UN via Washington Post


The UN is hoping that this latest report will get countries to take more serious action on the issue of climate change. They say there is still hope; it’s not too late to make a difference but only if we start now.


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