Antarctica Is melting faster than we thought

Melting ice in Antarctica

 Icebergs in the northern Weddell Sea off Antarctica.
PHOTO CREDIT: John Sonntag/NASA via NY Times


A new report was released recently with some alarming statistics for climate change. They’ve discovered that ice is melting in Antarctica far faster than previously thought. In the past ten years, the rate at which Antarctica is losing ice has tripled.


With all that melted ice, Antarctica is now dumping 200 billion tons of water into the ocean every year. This means that sea levels will continue to rise, flooding coastal communities. It also contributes to the warming of the ocean which is detrimental to coral reefs and marine life. The melting ice and warming waters have all been primarily caused by human activity and the emissions of greenhouse gases.


Scientists now say that we have less than a decade to seriously cut the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. If not, almost a quarter of Antarctica’s ice could disappear by 2070 and we may be living out one of the climate crises so vividly depicted in Hollywood.


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