Anti bullying at kaspi community school,Githurai

I have been working with kids from several school within Githurai for the last 3 conversant with the challenges they face and my goal is to try and address these challenges step by step which is the reason we decided to tackle bullying at kaspi school with the help of administration,teachers,parents and community at large since this is a problem and an injustice.

We started the project last year with the help of students from our local universities who helped us with the mentorship sessions that helped identify the several injustices in four schools that we were working our analysis we found that bullying needed to be addressed urgently before it got out of hand and through the guidelines from peace first team we were able to address this challenge through understanding and embracing our different cultures as well as understanding our backgrounds which really helped to understand why certain people behave in a certain way and why their body structure is also different.through this we got to understand why the Sudanese kids were the bullies and from there we engaged the school community to help address and accept the different cultures at kaspi school.

Our main concern was to ensure that all the kids get a condusive environment where they can learn and interact freely and our journey to help end bullying in kaspi was fruitful and through the help of peace first team we held several activities that were engaging and we were able to reduce bullying in kaspi because currently more children are being enrolled into the school as compared to previous years where the school was not enrolling kids due to bullying. The school currently has a  football team  which is doing very well and has even worn several trophies since then and majority in these teams are Sudanese kids therefore this project was and still continues to be a total success. 'asante sana' thanks very much to everyone who joined hands with us in this project.

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Submitted by lillian n. on Fri, 08/24/2018 - 02:51


If I can be of assistance to anyone going through similar injustice kindly let me know
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Submitted by Jenna G. on Fri, 08/24/2018 - 09:28


Hi Lilian,
Have you considered being a mentor to assist similar injustice projects? Here are the links in case you want to look into it:
Please reach out with any questions or comments!