“Anti-transgender violence begins in education.”

“The most important thing anyone can do for trans students is to listen.”

The Daily Dot spoke with a number of young trans activists, like TSER founder and Peace First Fellow Eli Erlick, on how our everyday actions are the most powerful tool we have to combat violence against trans people, particularly trans people of color. 

“Listening doesn’t just entail hearing what we’re saying but also following through with our own recommendations. This can include staff trainings, establishing policies on campus, holding informational assemblies, changing school registration systems, creating Gender-Sexuality Alliances, and so many other actions that are unique to each institution’s need.”

Read more about how Eli and other trans leaders believe we can end violence against trans people and reshape institutions that not only protect these individuals - but embrace them.

Inspired by Eli's passion to help her peers? You can join her and a global community of peacemakers fighting for what's right, today!