Barely Bisexual

Often gay or bisexual guys have awkward interactions with their male peers in both high school and college. Through this film, I attempt to shed a light on my experience with bisexuality to elicit sympathy from the uninformed or ignorant. This film deals with my own personal experience with being bisexual and reflects the fears and thoughts that one has during the process of coming out with surrealist imagery and absurd comedy. Bisexual men are rarely portrayed in film, and if they are, it is usually negatively, so I decided to make this film to portray that unique perspective.

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Submitted by Fish S. on Wed, 01/17/2018 - 12:42


Hi Andrew -- thanks for posting this project! Looking forward to viewing the film. Bi erasure is such an important issue and it's brave of you to put your own story out there in order to change people's perspectives.

What are your plans for sharing this film and raising awareness in the spring? How can we help?

Hope you'll also post your film at