Battle for Humanity: Your Mission to #ShareYourIntel

From our partners at Battle for Humanity!
You have the power to disrupt hate and heal the divisions in your community. You have the power to make social change. This platform is a tool to help you unleash that hero within.

#ShareYourIntel campaign graphic  Here’s how it works:


Battle for Humanity is a global social movement and game that forges action (oriented) heroes.

Download the app and choose missions that help you conquer violence, hate, and injustice in real time and in real life. Once you complete a mission, gain points by uploading the proof (a picture of the heroic deed). The image receives a custom “Battle Filter” and pre-populated hashtags, connecting you with other heroes around the globe. While other filters just make you LOOK good, Battle filters make you DO good.

This movement is about you, the people. The Heroes.  The app is our sword, and we need you to forge it. We’re looking for beta testers – the “Originals”— who will help us hammer out all imperfections and shape the future of B4H.  The Originals will set the culture of Battle for Humanity and help us determine future missions and features. Game?

If you have an iPhone, download the game here.

If you have an Android, download the game here.

Check out Peace First’s #ShareYourIntel mission, and earn points for lending advice to other Peace First projects!

And don’t forget to send us your feedback! This is a beta. We need your help getting it right. If you’re experiencing bugs or have suggestions on how to make it better, PLEASE go to our website, click “Beta Testers” in the menu, and submit your feedback to us. (Get points for your feedback -- check out the #ForgeMaster mission on the app!)

Learn more about B4H at

Let the Battle begin!