Be the change, discriminate none

I am Aastha Subedi, currently studying Bachelors in Public Health from Pokhara University. I am 22 years old an enthusiastic advocate for change and peace. I believe in one-step forward, one-step that leads to destination, development, and betterment of every wellbeing. I  am a fun loving person and I love to listen to other people's stories and gain different aspect of life. I believe dancing adds more color to life, it makes hardship easier to cope with.

There are a series of events that made me want to work on the matters related to LGBTI. When I was new in Kathmandu, one evening I saw two men holding their hands in a mall and as my eyes were staring at them they immediately released it and felt embarrassed. I felt as if I made them and wondered why were they so embarrassed by the glance of some stranger or bystanders for just holding hands. From that incident in my life, I thought I needed to change mine as well as others perspective too.

There is another incident that I cannot forget. After some period of casual conversation with my brother, he said there were two gay people in his class they are often bullied. A group of boys often call them ‘chakka’, which is an insult for the gay people. My brother said that for him there are only two sexes either male or female. They do not deserve to be in their groups or friend circle that is unacceptable. There are a lot of such people with this mentality. If my brother says such horrible things and repeats the same in school, I am sure that there is a similar condition of other children at all other schools and this type of mindset is gravely affecting today’s generation. To remove this stigma awareness, classes must be taken to change they're perspective and sensitize the teens about the real meaning of LGBTI. Neither Nepalese schools talk openly about LGBTI nor the parents.

The Blue diamond society was established to make people aware of the rights of LGBTI people and fight against immoral activities. They have been working towards different vision and acceptance towards LGBTI. With the help of full co-ordination and co-operation from the people of Blue diamond society and Mr. Bhakti Shah .will help me to execute the program of awareness of LGBTI. From the initial phase this project has helped me to understand the struggle and willpower of LGBTI people to survive in the society and with the support of school to aware their about the rights and respect about LGBTI.

For starting any innovative idea there are thousands of hurdles but we all need to initiate the change. It is all about the rights, freedom, and equality. With the project “Be the change, discriminate none” we are hoping to change the mindset of different students and educate them about the LGBTI. 

Let peace and humanity be our best friend.

Happy International Peace Day!





Aastha S.

March 09, 2019

LGBTI stands for Lesbian,Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex.
Mary Grace I.

March 09, 2019

What LGBTI stands for?