For Better Cultural Fusion and Global Citizenship,through the Lingual diversity and Smart Initiatives


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this modern world, there are some powerful concepts emerged from the advanced movement in understanding the terms of one civil world and onecommon destiny for all human. Concepts as global citizenship and cultural understating are fisted and corralled to the calls for one world, a world that the language has leading role into supplying the goals for a sustain development, and boost the progress toward finding the solutions for the current problems. Here by then, the tools of the new technology have acted effectively to push forward and participated in reducing the suffer and ease the boundaries. We cannot see any more the geographic or cultural boundaries are taking that concernas it was  in the past, otherwise, we can see those  local communities were in past  living  in completely isolated islands,  are now in full  engagement with the global atmosphere, and the events that takes part around the corners of the world. But on the other hand, there is still spectacles about how effectively these tools will pour into sustain the concept of the world’s citizenship.  The main worries of the experts about this milling mechanism is , that could cause melting   or  dissolving process  for  some cultures under this huge movement, or a conflict that could produce some  sort of undeclared wars, and intellectual collision. 

The issue of how concepts as global citizenship and the cultural entities are being boost by the influence of the language, is very important topic to discussand looked, bydeep probing study. In this article we are going to be drilling into some sort of logical arguments, exposing our text to the questions of how these two concepts (Global citizenship &culture) are linked under the measures of this modern world, moreover, we are going extract from our argument a mutual platform, to tie the knot with the language, as the language plays a leading role in the fusion of human being into one pot. On the other hand we arealso going to lay the discussion on, how and what we should do to sustain the relationship of our three elements (Global citizenship, culture, & language diversity). On the turn of last point, we will demonstrate some of our own smart initiative and projects, to use the technological toolsfor implantation and strength the relationship between our argument’s elements.

Global citizenship is very modern concept, the concept emerged from the revolutionary recent   movement in the technology and its products. In bold expression, the global citizenship could means that, we as people had able to jump over the graphical boundaries, and bridge the gaps to come up with the idea of the world as one village. By flipping into some literatures and references about the concept of global citizenship, we can frame it into some sort of meta-changing meaning, and this accordingto different points of view. In instance, it could mean “ways of thinking and living within multiple cross-cutting communities—cities, regions, states, nations, and international collectives…” , here the concept had turned out to be about the way of how the communities  think about their existence under geographical frame work, let us say it is unifying concept by this approach. In other similar case we can find out other concept emerging from the same word, but this time Global citizenship could be taken as participation in the social and political life of one’s community. In term of individual point, global citizenship certainly could mean self-awareness of the others within the diversity frame of mind.  Combining whole these ideas about the concept of universal citizenship and pour it into the cultural tensor or operator, a different view of the world will come up to the surface. Why we say that? , well, the culture is all time a soft hand message and holy value, culture is all time means an openness to the other , and a welcoming hand to the strange. Itis rarely to find a curling or evil face for the culture of a nation, why that? Because the culture is all time about the values of dignity and self-respect to the traditions and novel heritages, we can’t force certain culture to stream into the blood of any people or community , unless they are willing to accept what is going be presented from the other culture. It is some sort of hearted sense and smooth way of  penetration. 

Now, let us put the three concept of our own into one plate, Global citizenship & culture, in one side and the multi lingual factor on the other. Taking the language as starting point, and link it back from the essential role of the language. By nature, the language is the bridge that links two sides of   human society,which works on supporting the sociallife and give it  the right conditions to continue. From the texture of the language, the fabrics of culture have been made, and by then the community had gain the fusion force to adhere and interact. This interaction could be seen as a flame of unity within one community, but on larger scale, some could argue and  say, the language is all time worked as boundaries and shielding walls. We can’t say it is absolutely wrong view about the language, but we refer to instances where the diversity of the language had helped to unite some communities and bring them on board.  In one witnessing example, India is a country of more than 1625 language and 4000religion, but still whole the spectrum of this diversity live in one land and under one sky. It could be easy to see how one language had helped one ethnic group or nation, but it seems hard to see this applicable to a scale as the globe,this because the mindset of the traditional communities is extensively  resisting  such changes and revolve around one fixed  pivot. But, by the powerful tools of the modern world, we will certainly see such setbacks, will begoing to disappear from the world.

The Cultural and Language tools, Gates to Global Citizenship:

In the recent decades, the knowledge that had being built on the  scientific base, have taken a major part to fulfill the goals of the global citizenship and sustainable development. And these external changes had forced the local communities to try to cope with what is seems as external force.

In these concern we have tried to participate into these movement and create some   ideas. Two project are on the board, one is specifically designed to make the culture as a bridge that link the nations and keep them on one resonance, and the other one is aimed to use the ideas of the innovations and inventions to help sustaining the concept of the global citizenship.

African Beat app, this app is tended to look at the cultural out comes, to help bringing the nations on one table and sustain the chances of the interaction. One could ask, how this will help fulfilling our title. Well, by the cultural platform we will be able to keep the ties up close between the people whole around, and this kind of approach will surely trigger the effectiveness of using the language as other powerful way of interaction.

Although the name of the app could be a little bit bounded and not  aiming up to the integration globally , but we think that the fragment effect of closing up two great cultures will be more effective and less exhausted, rather than taking one piece and try to fusion it at a time. By this way the work will be effective and fruitful. Below is a sort of prototype of the app and its parts.  One of the goals of the app is to fill full the goals of global civilization, that through the easiness of using the app, the ideas will be exchanged into cultural mold. As well as the app is a kind of free space of interaction on the same goals of the United Nation, these goals are,  easing  the boundaries and help the people to live in save and peace environment with each other.

As in the facing windows of the app, we have included within its contents the goals of United Nation to be the common document,and apot for agreement.



























Figure 1, 2, and 3: the three interfacing windows of the App (African beat).

The other project is named Inovseeds, this project is designed to fulfill the goals of the global citizenship from the point view of technology. It has two major streams, one of them is a website that concern about providing the service for the inventors, which will aim to demonstrate their projects and find a platformof discuss, gaining support, andpresent the ideasthat they have. The other project is a lab for inventions, aiming to help the inventor applying their ideas and find a lab space for their work. Those two projects beside the app are targeting to sustain the concept of global citizenship with the region and help the local communities to look high, aiming for the internationality. We think through these sort of projects that, we will be able to achieve the aims in quick way and short distance. It is sort of practical projects to climb on the ladder of progress and tackle the current issues and problems.


In our recap of the above points we can conclude the following:

  • Enhancing the concept of one world and cultural diversity could be done through different methods and ways, we think that language diversity is of one of the clever ideas to get there.
  • Taking real initiative and particle roles, is the professional way to sustain the concept of global citizenship and support it bases.
  • Local communities are in need for extensive programs   and comprehensive enlighten to cope with the challenges of the current era.
  • We think that the young and flourishing generations, are the main fuel for achieving the goal of global citizenship, as these new generations are very open to accept the other,whoever is he, and cooperate.










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Thanks for this amazing article on global citizenship and language diversity! I think it will be inspiring and thought-provoking for young people to read.

Are you working with young people to implement some of these programs on the ground in their communities? Do you have interest in doing so?
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hello Mr January thanks for nice and Beautiful kind words?
for question yes we have team work in my organization We have an integrated plan that we are working on
Now we are constantly developing Africa, including the Third World and some of them all countries around the world. You can join us.
We do not have the interest of all the proceeds of donations for the poor, refugees, displaced persons, women, children, etc.
We believe that this is a very important application of global citizenship and a culture of peace around the world in light of technological progress
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Really excited to hear about your work! Thanks for sharing.
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