The Bullying Epidemic in Schools

Whatever it is centered around, from race to clothing to unconventional beliefs, any person can be a target of bullying.

Because of its many forms, everyone will likely encounter some form of bullying in their lives. A male or female can bully you. It can happen online, in person or over the phone. It can also be verbal or physical. Additionally, you may experience it because of many factors inside or outside of your control. You may feel very alone.

But who is most likely to experience bullying? In schools, it is estimated that one in four kids is a victim of this aggressive behavior.1 In 2016, kids aged 11-12 were the most frequent targets. And about 30% reported online or cyberbullying. That percentage dropped as age increased. However, kids aged 17-18 still indicated that the behavior did not stop in the last year of high school. The rate was at fifteen percent.

There were two most common forms of bullying among the students surveyed. Those consisted of making fun of/insulting the victim and spreading rumors about him/her.

Demographics such as sexual, gender and religious minorities are also a frequent target of bullying. Hate crimes in adulthood consequently stem from an intolerance that starts in early school years. So taking a stand now can help prevent bad future events.

It Starts With Us

With that knowledge, how could you help prevent bullying in schools? Tons of beneficial projects wait to be started. Perhaps you could make a pact with your classmates and people online to not spread any gossip. Gossip could be hurtful and untrue even when interesting. To raise awareness and acceptance of students who differ in identity from the majority, you could start an after-school event. Additionally, talk to your teachers and involve them.

At, we provide a way to reach out to others like you who want to fight injustice. It starts by making positive changes in your community. Join our online community first and expand your circle of friends willing to help. And with the right combination of ideas and motivation, you can begin to alleviate bullying in schools near you by starting an anti-bullying project.