Caravan of asylum seekers stopped at U.S. border

Immigrants seeking asylum at the California border

People from the caravan wait at the San Ysidro border crossing in Tijuana, Mexico. PHOTO CREDIT: Edgard Garrido/Reuters via The Guardian


For the past month, a caravan of migrants has been working its way up through Central America to seek asylum in the U.S. A group organizes this “Stations of the Cross caravan” every year to raise awareness for the difficult journey that many make to escape violence and persecution in their home countries. The caravan began with about 1,500 migrants mostly from Honduras and El Salvador. As it reached the border between California and Mexico, only 220 remained. Throughout the long journey by foot, bus, and train, many had dispersed or chose to stay in Mexico.


When the caravan of asylum seekers arrived at the border, they were denied entry on account of the center being at “full capacity.” Migrants are now camping outside in Mexico as they wait for immigration officials to process their requests for asylum.


Attorneys working on behalf of the migrants find it hard to believe that the facility wasn’t prepared to handle this planned and anticipated group of migrants. The border facility can hold about 300 people and in the past six months, it has processed 8,000 asylum seekers (approximately 50 per day).


“All I want is a place where I can work and raise my son.” ~ Wendi Yaneri Garcia, a 36-year-old woman traveling alone with her 2-year-old and escaping death threats from Honduras via The Guardian


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