Channel Kindness Award: EqualiTea Party in St Louis

When Em was coming out as trans, he found that reading books about other trans teens helped him feel safer, prouder and less alone.

Em's EqualiTea flyer

Now, as the winner of Born This Way Foundation's Channel Kindness Award in St Louis, he's running a book drive - the EqualiTea Party - so hundreds of other kids in St Louis can have heroes who look like them, too.

Mail book donations to:

Lauren Carmack
600 Loughborough Ave
St Louis, MO 63111


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Submitted by Abigail S. on Thu, 11/09/2017 - 09:24


Awesome job! I am currently finishing a project where I am creating anti-bullying comic books that feature a non-binary person of color as the main character. When my comics are done sometime in the next few months, I pledge to send some your way. Thank you for supporting your community in such an awesome way!