Check Out These Projects on This International Women's Day

Today is International Women's Day so we want to share some of the kick-ass projects on our platform that aim to empower women and fight for equality on all fronts. Note that these projects are intersectional - they invite queer, gender non-conforming, and women of color not only to share their voice but really lead the work. 

Harlem Lighthouse
"Harlem Lighthouse is a project that provides collaborative workshops and spaces centered around the healing and empowerment of women, trans, gender non-conforming, and queer people of color in the uptown area."

"At our public middle school in the Bushwick section of Brooklyn, our school community is grappling with the intersection of bullying and prejudice based on race / culture / sexual orientation."

PDX Period Project
I don't think that homeless women have the proper access to feminine hygiene products like they should.

Sister Circles
"Young women will have opportunities to create visions for their highest desires. They will have a safe and nurturing place in which to grow. They will have exposure to healing modalities and creative expression. They will have support of peers and access to leadership. Ultimately, they will be empowered to make decisions for their own future."

Stems to Branches: A Wellness Initiative for Women of Color in STEM
"This initiative aims to build and strengthen the community of women of color within the S.T.E.M. field (Science,Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) at Brandeis University."

And we have dozens of more projects touching on women and the intersectionality of women's empowerment with race, violence, and equality. Check them out here.