Chicago Accelerator

A Peace First Accelerator brings together young people to work together, develop ideas, empower each other, and create real solutions to the issues in their community. And on September 23rd, we held one in Chicago for young people from After School Matters and Youth Guidance.

planning at the accelerator

These young people spent the day working with coaches and mentors to develop the solutions they had come up with for addressing injustices they saw in their community.

working on their project presentation

Some sought to end gun violence, others wanted to help the homeless, and one team was looking to end gender-based violence. All of these teams and projects were amazing and we're so excited to see what happens next.

Arne Duncan speaking

And the judges, which included former Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, were equally impressed by the work of these young people!

You can check out more images here. And you can start your own peacemaking project here!