Dallas, TX Channel Kindness Award Winner: Kilo

Kilo is a trans, nonbinary artist and activist, working tirelessly for LGBTQ inclusion in the Dallas area. As a 20-year-old drag performer, they saw so few spaces for trans and nonbinary people -- and especially trans and nonbinary youth -- to come together, celebrate one another, and share their art. “I was producing shows that I couldn’t even get into,” they noted.

Kilo’s vision was to host an event called GenderArt -- an open, all-ages event where trans and nonbinary performers and visual artists, including youth under 18, could present their work to a supportive audience. A space where everyone was welcome, especially the people who felt most marginalized in the LGBTQ community.

People from all over Dallas were drawn to Kilo’s vision, with over 100 attendees packing an auditorium to see performances from trans and nonbinary drag queens -- including queens under 18 who wouldn’t have been able to perform at most drag shows -- and view paintings, photography, and sculptures.

“This was an incredible experience and I am so lucky to have been given the opportunity to share my mission of kindness...I’ve gained so much more perspective on who I am and who I want to be as a person besides any sort of recognition or achievement.”