Eli's Voice Comes Through

All too rarely do we hear a youth voice when discussing current, important, news and policy. This remains true even when young people are the ones most affected. And by doing this, by ignoring this massive voice, we miss out on unique perspectives and ingenious solutions.

"Trans students don’t have much support right now. While we’re a growing community, there is still a long way to go for trans youth to feel equal in school and beyond. But I am hopeful for our future. With more people on our side, I believe we are better equipped than ever to end antitrans violence. Above anything else, more advocates listening to the needs of trans people is key to making change. Through listening and taking action, we can ensure a better future for the next generation of trans people—and I’ll be here to help lead the way."

So, with all that said, it’s always thrilling to see someone like Eli, a Peace First Fellow and co-founder of Trans Student Educational Resources, published in leading websites and publications. Recently, Eli has shared her thoughts with the likes of Teen Vogue, the Huffington Post, and Glamour Magazine, on things from the transgender military ban to the importance of proper language and labeling.

And we need to hear more from young people like Eli! If you’ve got ideas, concerns, or questions, let us know! Share your story! Join our community and find these voices.