Empathy to Innovation

Forbes recently wrote about the value of empathy in innovation in business today.

"Using empathy is what allows me to play what I think of as the larger game."

The author, Krish Chopra, relates his own experience running startups and how learning to use empathy has changed the way he does business. And he's noticed this trend elsewhere. In fact, he alludes to a concept our very own Bobby Jones wrote about in his book "Good is the New Cool" in that the Brand and what it represents is just as important as the product. Consumers are no longer just buying something, they're expressing their values in these transactions.

Empathy is, obviously, essential to peacemaking. For many of us, it's what motivates us to take action. It's the driving force in our mission to do good. But it's helpful to broaden what empathy can provide as we bring peace to our communities.

As Krish highlights, empathy can be an incredibly powerful tool for innovation, and that is not just for business, but also peacemaking. By flexing that empathy muscle and speaking with our potential consumers, or people we're looking to help, ideas are sparked and new solutions are discovered. Without empathy, collaborative innovation stalls.

Read the complete Forbes article here.

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