EMPOWER act introduced to fight sexual harassment in the workplace

Senator Kamala Harris

Democratic Senator Kamala Harris of California
via People For the American Way


Last week, the EMPOWER act was introduced in the Senate to increase transparency and accountability for sexual harassment in the workplace. The act was inspired by the #MeToo movement and stands for Ending the Monopoly of Power Over Workplace harassment through Education and Reporting.


This legislation is a great example of bipartisan leadership as it was introduced by Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska and Democratic Senator Kamala Harris of California. The EMPOWER act will break down the barriers that keep victims from speaking out against systemic sexual harassment as well as prevent companies from financially protecting harassers or forcing NDAs (non-disclosure agreements) on victims.


“We have a choice to make; either sit on the sidelines and hope for change, or roll up our sleeves to make the change. We must work to identify where harassment is its most pervasive; where it has been allowed to foster in a culture of silence, disrespect, intimidation, and abuse. And we must empower victims to speak out about the harassment they face.” ~ Sen. Lisa Murkowski via her press release on June 5, 2018


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