Endangered Species Act under attack

Environmental word cloud

PHOTO CREDIT: Hoosier AG Today


In the ever-lasting battle against the environment, lawmakers are currently trying to overhaul the Endangered Species Act of 1973. This act provides states with financial assistance and incentives to prevent the extinction of native and foreign animals. It has been critical in preventing the extinction of several American species such as the bald eagle (delisted in 2007) and the grizzly bear (delisted in 2017).


The Trump administration has proposed a plan that would consider the costs involved with adding a new species to the list before the government invests in saving it. This plan could pave the way for industries to use their own biased studies to either delist species or prevent species from being added to the list in areas where they do business. Supporters of the bill say it will help out businesses like oil, logging, and ranching.


“These proposed rollbacks would remove long-standing protections, let industry’s cost calculations determine if a species deserves protection, and lead to more costly and needless litigation.” ~ Senator Tom Udall of New Mexico via ABC News


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