Gender Art from Dallas

Check out this INCREDIBLE video from the Dallas Channel Kindness Award Winner of their event - Gender Art. Trust me, this is a must watch!

"This is going to be a night full of celebration and empowerment for transgender and gender non-conforming artists. We're really happy that you're here to have a good time. And the 5 to 7 portion is all ages, so we're happy to have some youth here and also have some youth performers.

"To show your encouragement to performers, we're going to hoot and holler and make a lot of noise, but we're not going to give tips. So, if you want to make yourself comfortable, you don't have to sit for all of the performances. Feel free to walk around in our art area. Downstairs, we have an interactive art portion. Grab some food, grab a drink and have a great time.

"We're really glad to be sharing kindness and inclusivity for our transgender/gender non-conforming community."

"Peace First believes that young people can change the world, because young people have an incredible amount of courage and compassion and there is no young person in the Dallas area more courageous and more compassionate than Kilo, am I right?

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