Getting Around with Closet2Closet

Closet2Closet, a Peace First Challenge team, partnered with Verizon's Hum to tell their story and inspire compassion.

Amy and I went into the foster system when we were seven years-old. They kind of just came out of nowhere a put us in a van.

I moved six times. My twin sister moved 11 times. When we'd move, we'd lose our belongings.

I was doing everything I could to be a kid that people would want. After a while, you just didn't have any hope. I want other kids in the foster system to have the things that we didn't have.

We make care packages specifically designed for the children who receive them. It's very important that the kids get to express their own style.

We pick up donations. Drop off care packages. We drive really, really frequently.

Kids usually are super excited. We've had children say that they've never tried on a dress before. I know that same feeling.

We were 11 when we were adopted. My sister and I don't have to dig out of garbage cans for food, not have shoes for winter. It's a great feeling.

It's a good one.

Every child should feel like they're loved. We just want to help as many kids as we can.

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