Good Starts Young: Peace-Builders

Peace-Builders is a team of young people from Columbus, OH who were invited to The Allstate Foundation's Good Starts Young Rally. They are:

addressing the lack of understanding and contact among minority and majority youth in our schools and neighborhoods by working with coalitions of faith-based non-profit organizations, e.g., IACO (The Interfaith Association of Central Ohio); to engage diverse religious/cultural high school and college students around issues of peace and equality.

My name is Durya Nadeem and I'm a 16 year-old from Columbus, OH.

My name's Grace Taylor and I'm a 15 year-old from Columbus, Oh.

I'm here with Peace-Builders, a group dedicated to forming good relations between people of different faiths and cultures. We strive for a unified nation and build bridges between different cultures and religions through positive communication.

They've already helped host a local march with over 300 people attending and they're not done yet.

Peace-Builders are just beginning this journey of building their own organization, getting involved in service projects, making presentations, and increasing their visibility in many of the interfaith activities occurring in the greater Columbus area. That old adage, "It is not the Message, it is the Messenger" is still true. Young people delivering the message of peace, justice, tolerance and building relationships to other young people holds exciting potential for our boarder society.

If you've been inspired by their work and story, join our peacemaking community today and start your own project!